Enriching Your Well-Being


Caring for our community in every way possible
Inspired by the personal experiences we encounter everyday, GR Cares was set up as a CSR initiative to provide essential healthcare to those in need. The pharmacy environment allows us to be directly involved with our customers’ well-being and we’ve taken on the responsibility to provide the best wellness within our means for our community.


Bridging Healthcare and Philanthropy 

GR Cares functions as a platform for donors, sponsors and volunteers to directly reach welfare recipients all over Penang. All our sponsorships and donations are direct purchases from individuals and corporations, in which we donate the items on their behalf. These initiatives have helped many individuals who lack the financial resources to have proper healthcare essentials such as medical equipment, disposables, food supplements and medicine.


Cancer Nutrition Initiative

Cancer is a phenomenon that has affected many in our communities. We identified that specialized cancer nutrition formulas are essential for pre & post cancer treatment recovery. However, these nutrition formulas may not be affordable for every patient. With the support of our corporate donors, GR Cares is on course to provide 100% sponsored, complete nutritional sustenance for individual cancer patients and cancer NGOs through the GR Cares Cancer Nutrition Program. With time, we hope to build our list of sponsors, enabling us to reach out to more individuals throughout Malaysia. Currently, all our outlets are open for cancer patients to apply for GR Cares Cancer Nutrition Program.