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21ST Century's 100% pure unsweetened CRANBERRY JUICE for urinary health,  is extracted from fresh, mature cranberries, grown in USA, rich in the minerals potassium, copper, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Cranberries are also naturally rich in antioxidants A and C Vitamins plus B Vitamins. Cranberries contain infection-fighting compounds called condensed tannins to fight off bacterial infections, including E.Coli.


  • Provide effective treatment and prevention of urinary tract infections that is characterized by frequent and painful passage of urine caused by the presence of bacteria in the urinary tract. 
  • Reduces the unpleasant odor experienced by incontinence sufferers by deodorizing the urinary tract.
  • Help reduce mucus build-up in the bladder.
  • Cranberry's action upon the kidneys helps to eliminate uric acid which, when crystallized around a particular joint, causes most of the painful symptoms of gout.
  • Cranberry's high potassium content minimizes cramping and spasm of muscles.

Directions: Drink half a cup 3 times daily

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