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Lots of babies suffer from colic at one time or another.

Whether they are bottle or breast fed, they're bound to take in a certain amount of air when they feed. This can build up in a baby's immature digestive system and cause distressing pain and prolonged crying.

Our Infant Colic Drops can help you to relieve your baby's discomfort. Just one 2.5ml dose given with or after baby's feed will help reduce suffering afterwards.

Gently disperses trapped air

Pleasant tasting & alcohol free

Add to baby's bottle or use the handy syringe

Suitable from birth

Contains activated dimeticone. Always read the label.

The cause of colic isn’t known, although eating too much, too fast or swallowing too much air without burping are all thought to be linked to colic.

Colic appears at around two to four weeks of age and can last for three months, or longer in some cases.

A sign of colic is when baby cries loudly, roughly at the same time of day (usually in the evening) and cannot be comforted. Baby pulling his feet up under his body and clenching fists can also be a sign of colic.

It can be helpful to rock baby or massage baby’s stomach with a little almond oil to ease discomfort

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