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Saniplast First Aid (Plastic) Bandages protects small cuts, wounds, nick & bruises from germs, dust & water hence keeping wound safe from infection. It is coated with hypoallergenic, acrylic adhesive on P.V.C. film mounted with antiseptic pad that keeps the wound safe and helps in healing, protected by siliconized and easy to peel off cold sealed paper. It is made up of porous, waterproof material, which allows air permeability to the skin



  • Flexible, soft and easy to apply on different parts of the body
  • Hypoallergenic, air permeable and wash proof.
  • Antiseptic absorbent pad adherence to the wound is good, thus promotes quick and natural healing.
  • Easy to peel off inner wrapping.



  • Protects small cuts, wounds, scrapes, blisters, insect bite and other minor injuries, and promotes natural healing process
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