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TENA Wet Wipes is a large, soft and thick moist wipe. It is often used as a gentle and convenient alternative to soap and water.

The spun lace fibres of the wipe distribute a cleansing and caring emulsion to the skin, while removing surface impurities.

It is designed to quickly cleanse, restore, protect and refresh the skin.


The 30cm by 20cm wet wipe is made with thick material, meaning fewer wipes are required for each wash up, saving time and money.

TENA Wet Wipes is also alcohol-free, lightly fragranced and pH-balanced to be soft and gentle on the skin. Suitable for all skin types, even gentle enough for sensitive skin.


Comes in packs of 40s

  • Alcohol free
  • Paraben free
  • Extra large
  • Soft and gentle to skin
  • Soft and thick wipes to clean
  • Strong and cleanse better



  1. Versatile skincare

Primarily used for frequent perineal skin care when changing absorbent products for your loved one, but can also be used for full body cleansing, when soap and water may otherwise dry the skin.


  1. No rinsing required

No rinsing or drying is required after using this convenient pre-moistened wipe.


  1. Practical and convenient

Unfolded for easy use. Extra soft, and thick for everyday cleansing and incontinence care. One-handed dispensing through a wide opening allows quick access and a closable plastic lid maintains freshness of the wipes.


  1. Hygienic cleansing

‘Clean touch’ system avoids the risk of touching the next wipe in the pack to minimise the risk of cross infection. These disposable wet wipes eliminate the risk of cross infection from reusable wash cloths.


  1. Supports healthy skin

Helps to maintain skin’s natural pH. Dermatologically tested. Alcohol-free and soap-free.


  1. Mildly perfumed

Helps to leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and free from incontinence-related odours.

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