GREEN RIVER PHARMACY represents a group of four pharmacies that operate under the retail chain of “Green River Pharmacy” located on Penang Island. Green River Pharmacy started in 2015 with one store and now comprises four stores with over twenty employees with the aim to serve the community and provide the highest standard of care and services to our patients.

Our Service

Through the provision of specialized medication management services, we are recognized as a group of community pharmacies that have a special focus on delivering care for patients acute and chronic illnesses.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing our patients with accessible, interactive pharmacy services and the very best possible pharmacy experience.

The focus of our work is built on the following principles:

- Providing flexible and sustainable solutions in addition to products and services of the highest
quality, to improve our patients’ health and wellness.

- Providing professional pharmacy consultation services and products to patients in a safe,
effective, efficient, and well documented manner.

- Maintaining lawful practice of pharmacy principles, policies and regulations.

- Utilizing new technologies to enhance efficiency, safety and patient health outcomes
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