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Green River Pharmacy is a chain of four outlets located in Penang Island, Malaysia. Established in 2015, the pharmacy has been serving the community for over seven years, providing quality pharmaceutical products and services.

Whether you're looking for over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs, or health-related products, Green River Pharmacy has everything you need to maintain your health and well-being.

With convenient locations and friendly, knowledgeable staff, Green River Pharmacy is a trusted resource for all your healthcare needs.

Green River Pharmacy & Gold River Pharmacy brands are fully owned and managed by GR2 Pharmacy Sdn Bhd. 



Ng Yew Chang, CEO

The dynamic entrepreneur leading Green River’s group of pharmacies as the Chief Executive Officer. After graduating from University of Portsmouth (UK) and served on the front lines as a Pharmacist for several top pharmacy chains in Malaysia, his natural business intuition led him to founding Green River Pharmacy with the humble aim of providing healthcare to local communities. From 2015 to 2019, Ng opened five more branches, strategically covering the highly populated suburbs or the North, East and Southeast of Penang Island. Through each outlet, Ng continues his vision to provide customers and patients with accessible, interactive pharmaceutical care and quality healthcare to the community. Ng Yew Chang’s philosophy of ‘treat your customers and colleagues as you would treat your family’ has become a core value in the Green River brand. Drop by anytime, and you may find yourself personally served by the CEO of Green River Pharmacy.


Chew Shiu Wei, Group Operations

Chew Shiu Wei is the think tank and problem solver of Green River Pharmacy. His approachable and calm demeanor overshadows how swiftly he processes information to extract essential issues and questions at hand. A graduate of University of Strathclyde (UK), combined with years of experience as a Pharmacist, Chew possess all the qualities to head operations of Green River Pharmacy’s chain of pharmacies. From customer process flow to tech-related operation systems, Chew is personally involved in every step. He continuously transforms the organization to create seamless operation management, empowers the workforce and ensures competitive advantages to compete amidst an uncertain business landscape.



Teng Chia Chia, Warehouse

The supply chain is the backbone of retail pharmacy businesses and Green River Pharmacy’s strength comes from Teng Chia Chia. Her mastery of data and knowledge is key when it comes to purchasing. With years of practice as a pharmacist and outlet management under large chain pharmacies since graduating from University of Strathclyde (UK), Teng is up-to-date with the latest commercial knowledge, pharmaceutical trends, product development, prices and availability. Together with her team warehouse operations, Teng’s portfolio encompasses purchasing, strategic cost management, product deliveries, stock holdings of all five branches of Green River Pharmacy. Over the years, Teng has built a reputation for being reliable, fair and trustworthy, making her one of the key people in our brand.


Shane Chee, Corporate Liaison

The mastermind behind the innovative transformation of Green River Pharmacy from a practice based business to a customer oriented experience. Armed with years of real-life business experience, Shane spearheaded the brick and mortar transformation and digitalization of the company. He brought the customer interaction from a physical location to the virtual world, creating a new virtual bridge for Green River Pharmacy to reach all Malaysians. Not wanting to leave anyone out, he launched the same day home delivery service, servicing customers from outlet to doorstep. His emphasis on customer relations has brought Green River Pharmacy’s customer interaction and experience to a whole new level, driving home our core value -- bringing healthcare to our community.