Enriching Your Well-Being


Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their employers are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for the company. Most importantly, they will be happier in their roles, feel better job security, and ultimately creates positive productivity. 

Why not provide your employees with additional pharmacy perks to improve employee benefits while lowering your company’s medical costs?

Be part of Green River Corporate Panel Pharmacy today to enjoy dedicated pharmacy & wellness benefits for your entire company.


One-to-One Pharmacist Consultation

Discreet & private consultation from our dedicated resident pharmacist via voice call, video call or messaging.


Corporate Medicine & Supplements Refill Service

Having to skip your medication if you missed refilling your prescription? 

Can’t make it to the pharmacy on time after work?

Never miss a dose anymore with the Medicine & Supplements Refill Service! Let us take care of you and your family’s medications & healthcare essentials needs.

*complimentary service is extended to additional FIVE family members.


Dedicated Delivery Service

No need to rush to our pharmacy after work, let us send it to your workplace or your home in sealed and secured parcels. Relax, we got you covered. 


Employees Earn Extra Points & Cash Rebates

Get rewarded for each ringgit you spend at Green River Pharmacy. Points can be redeemed for exclusive gifts and direct cash rebates.


SMEs and Corporate Companies are welcome to discuss tailor made services to suit your corporate wellness needs. You can email your inquiries to admin@greenriver.my